The Power of Digital Story-telling for Creating Classroom Communities in ELA

Language: English

Level: Secondary – Adult/Voc.

Subject: English Language Arts

Workshop description: Storytelling creates shared experiences that “build relationships between learners, facilitating the development of a caring and open learning environment and fostering good personal relationships among learners” (Sim, 2004). Digital storytelling also allows storytellers to envision their work in new perspectives. It encourages participants to communicate meaning on different levels (voice, point of view, emotional content, tension, story arc) and through different modes (image and sound). In this workshop, participants will view both simple and more elaborate digital stories created by students, ‘try out’ exercises to brainstorm and develop personal digital stories and explore simple ways to communicate these stories through a variety of media. As well, the group will discuss techniques for working with sensitive stories. 

Print and web resources will be shared.

Presenter: Michele Luchs Responsable des programmes

English Language Arts

Direction de la formation générale des jeunes (DFGJ)

Secteur du développement pédagogique et du soutien aux élèves (DPSE)

Organization: MELS

Contact Information:, 514-873-0285 #5240

Related teaching competency: teaching act