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Creation of Learning and Evaluation Situation for Physical Education and Health

A PDIG Project at ETSB

Our project was to develop a Learning and Evaluation Situations (LES) for Competency One of the Elementary Physical Education and Health program.

We wanted to create a reference guide for teachers to share a common vocabulary of those motor skills and to be able to identify quickly the strength and weakness of their students as a formative assessment. We created this resource in both English and French. In addition to this formative tool, we suggested to illustrate those motor skills acquisition by video. After the creation of the continuum, we decided to continue further in creating an LES for cycle 3. With the LES, students will get more familiar with planning a fitness-yoga routine including a warm-up, a fitness training and a cool-down. We also adapted a rubric to evaluate the competence.

Check it out below! (videos to come)