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The 6reeting

a wonderful initiative started by Mr. Johnson during the initial lockdown

The 6reeting
Each morning during Homeroom, students open their Chromebook and click on a bookmarked Google Form called  The 6reeting that is updated daily. The Form which I update each morning informs students of special class or school announcements and asks them a mathematical trivia question (The Ring of Knowledge). Upon the announcement in late March that the reopening of schools would be longer than two weeks, I decided to update the Form. Without informing students, on Sunday March 22nd, I decided to update the Form. Nine students clicked and responded to The 6reeting during that week. 
After a notice to parents to follow up with the extension of the school closure, 14 responded. During the following week of April 6, 23 out of 25 students with a school-provided Chromebook at home responded. Knowing that there was ongoing interest in the Ring of Knowledge and The 6reeting as a whole at home , I decided to take The 6reeting to Hollywood. Check out the Pilot Episode.

Every Sunday I filmed an episode of the Homeroom morning message and sent it out to students on Monday. Each episode contained the following segments:

  • A 6reeting question (favourite quarantine activity, what you’re looking forward to most, etc.)
  • Ring of Knowledge recognition 
  • Question Period
  • and on occasions special guests.

By no means is this show winning any Emmys.  However, it was a fun way to keep students connected and to keep learning growing during the initial months of the pandemic. 

Our school board was one that opened schools during the week of May 11th. Filmed episodes of The 6reeting did continue for students who did not return to the classroom. It was a fun way to stay connected with the students, to keep the class together and to provide students with something tangible to add to their home itinerary during these unique times.

School Year 2020-2021
Mr. Johnson is keeping up his YouTube channel for this school year too!

A bit about Mr. Johnson
Matt Johnson teaches Grade Six in the heart of Sherbrooke at a school of over 500 students. Each school year Matt challenges himself to incorporate a new aspect of technology into his teaching. The confinement period lead to a mini-series TV show for his homeroom students called The 6reeting which then lead to a YouTube channel that will feature lessons, images and sounds of classroom life in the new school year at Sherbrooke Elementary School.