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About the PD Library

a comprehensive library of educational PD resources in Québec

This site will allow you to search through a great variety of professional development resources; from workshops, to PDIG reports, to resources created through PDIG grants by educators for educators.

Browse Workshops by level

The presenters offered through this workshop directory are all Quebec educators. They know our curriculum and have successfully shard their knowledge with other educators. They have all presented at one of our Annual LCEEQ Conferences. The evaluations they received indicated that they had much to offer to the educational community at large. If you are interested in knowing more about how these individuals can assist you in meeting the PD plans for your organization, please feel free to contact them directly.

Browse PDIG Final Reports

All the Professional Development and Innovation Grants (PDIG) Reports approved in 2017-2018 are listed here (or will soon be uploaded). In all cases, you have access to the final report and a contact person who can provide further information that you may require. In approving the final reports, the Evaluators identified several reports as “Featured”. These were considered as reports that served as exemplars for those considering applying for funding. Use the tag “Featured” to browse these reports.

Browse Resources created through PDIG Projects

Along with PDIG Reports, materials produced as part of a PDIG project are available to you in this library. Start your search by choosing a level or a subject and refine your search using the tag cloud.

Understanding the tag cloud

Tags are key words. These key words can be used to narrow the scope of your search, or find and explore new areas of interest. Key words that are used more frequently appear as larger text in the tag cloud. A search can be any number of tags or keywords. The tag cloud will always update to reflect the tags in your search scope. We hope you'll find this library a valuable resource for use in your own professional development.